Russian for foreigners       Почитать на русском 

Arriving to a foreign country, a person finds himself in an alien world that for this reason seems hostile. Simple things that one used to do in his native country without effort such as asking for directions or going shopping become difficult without an adequate knowledge of the language. Moreover, misunderstanding on the part of locals, inability to articulate thoughts often lead to uncomfortable situations and conflicts. The difficulties are aggravated when a foreigner goes abroad on business trips: communication with colleagues become stressful which sharpens the sense of solitude and vulnerability, faced by any person in an alien place.

To help you feel more confident in Kazakhstan and Russian-speaking countries, The World of Languages offers Russian language courses for foreigners.

Russian – is an extremely difficult to learn but at the same time beautiful and interesting language. Knowing Russian opens new opportunities not only in business but in literature and cinematography as well as provides access to scientific and cultural heritage of Russia and former soviet countries. Russian reminds foreigners of a jewelry box with hidden drawers. Basic knowledge of Russian encourages one to learn and discover more. That is why acquiring language skills becomes an entertaining mind game.

Russian language is truly rich and diverse. Thanks to its dynamic character it constantly develops but even knowing basic vocabulary is enough to get by and feel confident in everyday life.

Запись на курсы иностранных языков производится по телефону
+7 (272) 279-73-99; моб.: +7 707- 779- 73- 99, а также +7 702-663-25-96 или через форму обратной связи. Также вы всегда можете приехать к нам по адресу: г. Алматы, ул. Макатаева 125А, уг.ул. Байтурсынова, Языковая школа The World of Languages

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